The brand new

DKT Imperial Palace Vienna

historic setting,

proven fun.

How did DKT Imperial Palace Vienna come about?

Some ideas came up by chance. At an evening chat at the end of 2016, we had the idea of a game tailored specifically to the Hofburg Vienna. Burghauptmann Reinhold Sahl (Burghauptmannschaft Österreich is the owner representative of the Hofburg Vienna) enthusiastically instructed Karin Novotny and Gerald Wagenhofer with the realisation of this project. In cooperation with the Hofburg users and the further team (editing, graphics and translation) as well as the license manufacturer Piatnik, they finally created the game DKT Imperial Palace Vienna.

Why is DKT Imperial Palace Vienna special ?

The playing field refers exclusively to institutions which are resident in the Hofburg area. Information about these can be found in the accompanying booklet.

DKT Imperial Palace Vienna is only available at the Hofburg users (with shops) and the Burghauptmannschaft Österreich.

The suitability as an educational game is highlighted by the logo LERNORT DENKMAL (Federal Monuments Authority Austria).

Discover your business acumen

The game for the whole family

Possession cards

The Imperial Treasury, the halls of the Hofburg Vienna and monuments in the Hofburg area can be leased among other objects. Immerse yourself in the world of the Hofburg!


Both the design of the chance and property cards, as well as the playing field have been adapted to the historic setting of the Hofburg Vienna.

Chance cards

The Long Night of Museums, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Reception of ambassadors and other new chance cards add even more variety to the game.

"Classic fun in historical design."
Maria, 75
"The cult game in a new, great edition."
Alexander, 19
"Brings Austrian architectural heritage closer in a playful way."
Karl, 48